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As announced on May 5th, there is a new governance structure that is being implemented at Westminster Church.  Part of that process requires the election of four new elders to replace current elders on Session who will be ending their terms on December 31, 2019.  This will allow for some overlap as new elders learn the “ropes” of being an elder, being on Session and the intricacies of their oversight area.

If you are considering becoming an elder, have been approached by someone to be an elder or the nominating committee has advised you that you have been nominated – here are some key points to take into account;

What would have to happen for me to become an elder?
First , it is important to remember that in this process we are trying to listen for the will of God. There are usually two elements in one’s “call” to eldership: an internal prompting and the confirmation of the Church. When those two things are present , chances are you are being called to eldership. So here is what would have to happen:
1. Be a professing member
2. Two professing members would have to nominate you.
3. You would need to be in agreement with the responsibilities of an elder described in documents below.
4. Session would need to meet and discuss your candidacy, ensuring you are available for regular meetings and able to fulfill the responsibilities of eldership.
5. You would have to give permission to the Nominating Committee for your name to be on the ballot for the June 9th election.
6. You would need to receive enough votes during the election. (the top 4 being selected)

Please review these two documents for further information.

New Elder Election Q&A

Becoming an Elder – Westminster Church

Questions?  Please contact Wayne Hope  – email:, phone: 705-818-7361



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