Jul 2016
1 Real Way to Showcase Humility (and Strength) to Your Children

Dallas Willard has more wisdom than Coke has sugar. Here’s what he says: “The most important thing in your life isn’t what you do; it’s who you become.”  I could spend a lifetime digesting that statement. And not just because of what it means for me. But because of what it means for my children. And yours. Who will they become? Of course, we really don’t know. Maybe a lawyer......

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A Prayer for Justin Trudeau

Lord, you know what it’s like to lead. The rest of us can only imagine the cacophony of personalities and competing priorities, the stress and solitude, the temptations and trials. But also the opportunity....

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Westminster’s Mission & Vision

On April 10th during the service I shared Westminster’s new mission and vision statements with the congregation. This blog highlights a few of the things I said. Direction determines destination. This means that the direction you travel...

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