The Great Canadian Trivia Challenge

On July 1 (Canada Day) at Westminster Church in Barrie we had The Great Canadian Trivia Challenge. The winner won a special Tim Horton’s prize pack! (Of course that was the prize – how could we not?!)

Here are the sixteen questions so you can test your own knowledge. The answer key is at the end. Have fun and Happy Canada Day! “May God keep our land glorious and free…”

 1. Who is this?

a. Doug Ford
b. Justin Bieber
c. Justin Trudeau

2. Who sings this song? [At Westminster, an audio clip was played. But for the online version, here are the lyrics to some of the chorus…]

Sundown you better take care
If I find you beenn creepin’ ’round my back stairs

Is it…
a. Gordon Lightfoot
b. Alanis Morrissette
c. Neil Young

3. Which of the following is NOT a Canadian province?
a. Prince Edward Island
b. Manitoba
c. Texas

4. Which Canadian city/town has the most people?
a. Ottawa
b. Toronto
c. Oro-Medonte

5. What is Canada’s national animal?
a. Beaver
b. Moose
c. Mosquito

6. In Souris P.E.I. there’s a law that says on a corner lot you
a. Can’t build a snowman taller than 50 centimetres
b. Can’t build a snowman taller than 75 centimetres
c. Can’t build a snowman taller than 100 centimetres

7. Which sport was invented by a Canadian?
a. Basketball
b. Ping pong
c. Hockey

 8. This group of Canadian painters is famous for their art:
a. The Barrie Baycats
b. The Group of Seven
c. The Stephen Harper Brushtrokes

9. William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada’s Prime Minister for a long time, including during the Second World War. Was he…
a. Baptist (Christian)
b. Presbyterian (Christian)
c. Buddhist

10. Which famous Canadian is quoted as saying, “I skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been”?
a. Mario Lemieux
b. Bobby Orr
c. Wayne Gretzky

11. Moose can swim as far as 20 kilometres without stopping?
a. True
b. False

12. The Northwest Territories is home to the
a. World’s longest covered bridge
b. World’s longest dogsled
c. World’s longest ice road

13. The coldest temperature ever recorded was in Snag, Yukon Territory on February 3, 1947. It was
a. -52 C
b. -63 C
c. -68 C

14. How many Canadians “self-identify” with the Christian tradition?
a. About 1.2 million
b. About 12 million
c. About 22 million

15. The name “Canada” traces back to explorer Jacques Cartier who misunderstood the Iroquois word “Kanata” and thought it meant “country.” What does Kantata actually mean?
a. River
b. Village
c. Forest

16. Canada’s motto is in Latin and found on the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada. It is a mari usque ad mare. It means “from sea to sea.” It was inspired by
a. A speech by Sir John A Macdonald
b. A quote from the Bible
c. One of Matthew Ruttan’s sermons

So, how many did you get right?

Answer Key: 1c. 2a. 3c. 4b. 5a. 6b. 7a. 8b. 9b. 10c. 11a. 12c. 13b. 14c. 15b. 16b (Psalm 72:8).

Bonus Questions:

17. Is it against the law to challenge someone to a duel in Canada?
a. True
b. False

18. Who was the longest serving Prime Minister?
a. Sir John A Macdonald
b. William Lyon Mackenzie King
c. Pierre Trudeau

19. Canada contains what percentage of the world’s forests?
a. 3%
a. 10%
b. 16%

20. The world’s northernmost and permanently inhabited settlement is in Canada. It is:
a. Kalaqa, Yukon Territory
b. Alert, Nunavut
c. Windsor, Ontario

21. Where is Canada’s chocolate museum?
a. Saint Philip, NS
b. Saint Stephen, NB
c. WillyWonkaVille, NWT

22. Which city has the most restaurants per capita?
a. Montreal
b. Quebec City
c. Vancouver

23. How many Tim Horton’s chains are there around the world?
a. About 4600
b. About 9400
c. About 12,300

Bonus Question answer key: 17a. 18b. 19a. 20b. 21b. 22b. 23a.


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