The Great Canadian Trivia Challenge 2019!

On June 30th at Westminster Church in Barrie we had our 2nd annual Great Canadian Trivia Challenge!

It was really fun. If you missed it, or just want to test yourself again, here are the 15 questions and 1 bonus question. The answers are listed at the bottom.

1. On average, how many pancakes are served every year at the Calgary Stampede?
a. 50,000
b. 100,000
c. 200,000

2. What are the two most used languages in Canada?
a. French
b. Mandarin
c. Ojibway
d. English

3. Paw Patrol is a famous Canadian cartoon program. What is the name of the Team Leader?
a. Ryder
b. Mulroney
c. William Shatner

4. In Canada, do more people live in towns/cities, or in rural areas?
a. Cities/towns
b. Rural areas

5. Who sings this song? [Hear audio here; and remember to just listen and not look at the artist name!] a. Celine Dion
b. Sarah McLachlan
c. Kawhi Leonard

6. How many time zones are there in Canada?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6

7. In 2018 the Canadian government changed some of the words in “O Canada.” They changed “True patriot love in all thy sons command” to:
a. “True patriot love so sings the marching band”
b. “True patriot love in all of us command”
c. “True patriot love with basket balls in hand”

8. What well-known Canadian Christian said this: “We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.”
a. Wayne Gretzky
b. Jean Vanier
c. Louis Riel

9. What was invented in Canada in 1883?
a. Lacrosse stick
b. Fly swatter
c. Baseball glove

10. The poem In Flanders Fields was written by:
a. Sir John A Macdonald
b. Col. John McCrae
c. Col. Sanders

11. What is the most purchased grocery item in Canada?
a. Kraft Dinner
b. Shreddies Cereal
c. Maple Syrup

12. Which Canadian province has the least amount of people?
a. Newfoundland and Labrador
b. Prince Edward Island
c. New Brunswick

13. What is the average life span of a Canadian?
a. 69
b. 81
c. 87

14. Who invented the telephone?
a. Justin Bieber
b. Alexander Graham Bell
c. Some American guy

15. The name “Canada” traces back to explorer Jacques Cartier who misunderstood the Iroquois word “Kanata” and thought it meant “country.” What does Kanata actually mean?
a. Beautiful
b. Village
c. Large mosquitoes

Bonus question
What Canadian hockey team will most likely win the Stanley Cup in 2020?
a. Winnipeg Jets
b. Toronto Maple Leafs
c. That other team from Montreal

[Okay, I’ll admit that the last question is totally subjective! Lol]

Congratulations to the winner of our prize pack, Julia Stephenson!

Answer key:
1. c. 2. a and d. 3. a. 4. a. 5. b. 6. c. 7. b. 8. b. 9. c. 10. b. 11. a. 12. b. 13. b. 14. b. 15. b. Bonus… b (#GoLeafsGo!)


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