Envy – Faith-At-Home Focus (November 15th)

Envy - Faith-At-Home Focus (November 15th)

Week of Sunday, November 15th

Each week we presented a faith-at-home focus. It’s adaptable and simple-but-meaningful. Think lifestyle not curriculum.

This week’s faith-at-home focus is about the Bible. The focus is always connected to the theme for each Sunday. Pastor Ruttan didn’t preaching this week, but the sermon touched on the theme of envy. A great bible story is about the prodigal son in Luke 15. The older son was envious of the younger son who had a party thrown for him.

This week’s activity is simple and fun.

First, read Luke 15:11-32 together from a Bible.

Second, watch a video re-telling of the story. We recommend ‘YouTube The Prodigal Son Saddleback Kids.’  which you can find here.  It’s under 5-minutes long. Watching stories can also help us remember them. (Or, you could try to find another video you like, perhaps a Lego animation.)

Third, after you’ve watched, ask each other questions and try to answer them to help you understand what Jesus was trying to teach. You can make up your own questions, but here are some ideas of good questions:

-Why was the older brother envious?

-Who represented God in the story?

-What does this teach us about what God is like?

-What do you think this story teaches us about how to act?

We hope you have fun with it. Because we are very visual these days, watching Bible stories is another way to firmly fix them in our minds.


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