Financial Report from the 2022 AGM

Financial Report from the 2022 AGM

Financial Report from the 2022 AGM
By Tom Walsh, Oversight Elder of Finance, Administration & HR

“I’d like to draw your attention to some of the many talented people at work at Westminster throughout the pandemic. As we all must understand, Westminster could not operate without a steadfast group of volunteers. Office staff, the Sunday School Superintendent and teachers, Nursery Attendants and most of the Sunday morning Worship Team are volunteers who have come forward to lend their time and talents to the work of Westminster. You can also take a minute and think of the leaders and helpers required to hold online group meetings as well as outdoor services and events.

The role of Treasurer is essential to the church. This volunteer role has evolved and increased in nature.  Mary Colvin has been fulfilling this position for a number of years and I’m grateful for her knowledge and commitment of time required to carry out this work.

I would also like to recognize our staff for their continuing efforts and the creativity they’ve shown during these last 2 years (and counting) in order to accomplish their tasks.
In particular, I’m sure you share my gratitude for Reverend Ruttan’s loving leadership of our staff and congregation. His faith, positive attitude, seemingly boundless creativity, as well as his keen intellect, and vision for Westminster are such a tremendous blessing to us.

Turning to the financial part of the Financial Report, in 2021 you donated over $31,000 to support our missions. The full list of these missions can be viewed on the Designated Funds page. I’d also like to highlight that as we finished the year, we were $8174.40 short of meeting our General Expenses.

With 2022 well underway things are looking more positive going forward. Slowly, tenant groups are returning to the building and that will help to boost our coffers. Our app and e-transfers are convenient and are being well utilized. At this time, I’m asking that you prayerfully contemplate your financial support of all the important work that continues to be accomplished through this Church.

Also, welcome to those of you who have started worshipping with us online and often from quite a distance. Although we haven’t met, we are happy to know you have joined us! God is calling us all to do his great work together.

Finally, THANK YOU for your faithful support of our ministry through your generous donations of your time, talent and financial assistance.”


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