The ‘Heaven & Hell’ Teaching Series

In January 2019 Pastor Ruttan led Westminster through a four-part teaching series.

It was called, “Heaven & Hell – What does the Bible teach about what is true? (Instead of what we want to be true.)” [Scroll down for a short background video to the series.]

A Gallup poll revealed that 81% of people believe in heaven, but only 69% believe in hell. That seems strange. But it’s also very telling. We like to believe in things we like, but not in things we don’t, right?

Speaking about final judgment in Matthew 25:46 Jesus said that some people will “go into eternal life,” but others “will go away into eternal punishment.” So since the Bible (and Jesus himself) takes these things seriously, so should we!

Through the series we ask (and answer) questions like… How do we know about these things? What are heaven and hell actually like? Do they last forever? What happens there? Who goes where? For what reasons? And who decides?

Below you will find links to the four sermon podcasts that were a part of the series. You will also find the full 44-page manuscript.

We are to live wisely—not based on what we want to be true, but on what actually is. This is one of the most important topics you ever explore.

Part 1 (January 6): “How do we know?
Part 2 (January 13): “What is heaven like?
Part 3 (January 20): “What is hell like?
Part 4 (January 27): “Who goes where? (And who decides?)
Full series manuscript: Heaven and Hell – MANUSCRIPT – M Ruttan – 2019 01



  1. Eternal punishing or eternal punishment ?

    • Hi Mary, not sure what you’re referring to but I think you’re looking for clarification around whether it is “eternal punishing” or “eternal punishment.” Some argue that it is the punishing by God that is eternal, and therefore, people/souls do not necessarily endure it forever (the ‘annihilationist’ view of hell). But I think the scriptural evidence is the other way; i.e. that the punishment itself is eternal (never-ending) in nature. It’s a very difficult topic, and more complicated that some might think. I address the nature of hell in Part 3 on January 20th.

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