An Advent & Christmas that is Meaningful [handout]

On December 2 and 9, we explored the idea of repentance.

You’re right. In a world where many people buy into the idea that you should just do whatever makes you happy, repentance can seem about as welcome as peanut butter in a public school!

But that’s because we misunderstand what repentance is really about. It’s not about giving you LESS joy, goodness and abundance in your life, but MORE! It’s about being honest before God about the attitudes or actions in your life that dishonour him, and committing to living differently as a result.

As a result, it is a process that can give you an Advent and Christmas that is more meaningful.

As a part of these messages, Pastor Ruttan produced a handout with three tick boxes to guide you through a process of repentance. The details may look different for different people, but it can be a helpful guide as you take seriously the words of Matthew 3: 1-12 and Luke 3: 1-18, prepare for our coming Saviour, and make room once again for his renovating power in our lives.

Here are the three tick boxes that you can examine on December 25th. [A pdf version is here: 2018 12 meaningful insert half] Underneath you’ll find the links to the podcasts from the two sermons:

o Have I repented from something in my life that dishonours God?

o Have I committed to living differently?

o In light of what God is doing for me in Christ, am I content with what I have, and have I lived generously toward others?


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