God meets you where you’re at (Sermon)

God meets you where you're at (Sermon)
The Word at Westminster
God meets you where you're at (Sermon)

Johnny Cash was down and almost out in Nickajack cave when God came to
him personally. Saul was headed to Damascus to persecute Christians when
God came to him personally. This tells us something. In the words of an
old saying, “God meets you where you’re at, not where you should be at.”

It was true for the Man in Black, for Saul, for the Colossians, and it’s
true for you as well. That, my friends, is very good news for imperfect

This sermon explores Colossians 1:24 – 2:5. This young church had it’s
share of problems. They were drifting. Even still, Paul shared with them
a mystery that had been hidden for generations: “Christ in you, the hope
of glory.” Really? Even with their mixed-up thinking and relative
immaturity? Yes. He meets us in our sin, shame, mistakes, weaknesses and

This sermon also suggests four points to consider as we seek to apply
these insights to our lives today. Brothers and sisters, when it comes
to receiving God’s grace, perfection is not a necessary qualification.
Christ in you, the hope of glory.


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