Question Box – Faith-At-Home (November 29)

Question Box - Faith-At-Home (November 29)

Every week our faith-at-home idea follows a pattern.

The first Sunday in each month is about Bible memorization.
The second Sunday is about prayer.
The third has a Bible focus.
And the fourth is a service activity to love and help those around us.

But – this week is the fifth Sunday of the month – and that is going to happen every few months!  So the fifth Sunday will be a family activity.

The ideas are connected to the theme for each Sunday’s service.

They are meant to be both simple-yet-meaningful and adaptable.  Think lifestyle, not curriculum.

We know it’s a tough time. Some weeks are good… and some weeks are, well, not so good! Let’s lose the guilt about not ‘having it all together.’

At the same time, let’s be intentional about taking the lead in our homes as we seek to trust and follow Jesus together.

This week, Pastor Ruttan shared an easy to do, family activity.

Week of: Sunday, November 29, 2020

Schedule: 5th Sunday


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