Session Update on COVID-19 restrictions, and our Congregation Survey  

Session Update on COVID-19 restrictions, and our Congregation Survey  

This announcement addresses three topics:
1/ An update on Covid-19 restrictions
2/ The results of the recent congregational survey
3/ Next steps

[NOTE: For those visiting our website for the first time, or for those who are interested in attending a Sunday morning worship service in-person, individuals must pre-register by calling 705-728-0541 prior to the Friday before the service. We are giving priority to those who live alone or who don’t have internet access. If there are open seats, others will be able to register. Sunday services occur at 10:01am EST and are live-streamed on YouTube here.]

Update on Covid-19 restrictions:

As everyone may now know, Westminster has implemented the recently announced and increased safety protocols for places of worship announced by the Simcoe-Muskoka Health Unit. We continue to cooperate and move forward as best we can.

These measures include answering the Covid-19 survey questions for those arriving in person, wearing a mask at all times within the building, staying 6-feet apart, and sanitizing hands when appropriate.

Congregational survey:

Our elders thank the 88 households that responded to our recent survey. This represents approximately 80% of our church family.

Here are a few highlights from the findings: 86% of respondents were interested in attending Sunday services and willing to share their proof of vaccination data if requested. Of those, 12 people still felt it important to remain 6-feet apart and would sit in an enhanced safety area set up for that purpose. 12% of respondents were not yet ready to return.

This input is both welcome and useful. We know that God has a plan and we are part of it.

Next Steps:

Our elders have decided to continue with our current 6-feet distancing requirements and not attempt to increase our seating capacity by implementing a vaccine passport verification. The case numbers in our area, coupled with the unknown impact of the new Omicron variant, has led us to keep the distancing requirements in place for the time being. We will revisit the situation in the new year as the situation evolves.

We are working faithfully and creatively to worship God, and to learn and serve, as we deal with this challenging and ever-evolving ministry landscape. A part of this work is moving toward the re-introduction of a limited in-person Sunday School program for our young people. Details are being worked on and are forthcoming.

Should you have any questions please contact elder Steve Sainsbury, a member of our Opening Up Committee.


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