The Lord’s Prayer: Faith-at-Home Focus, week of Apr. 11

The Lord's Prayer: Faith-at-Home Focus, week of Apr. 11

Each week Westminster provides a faith-at-home focus.

The ideas are to be simple-but-meaningful and adaptable. Think life-style more than curriculum.

The second Sunday of the month is focused on prayer.

Pastor Ruttan encouraged us to use The Lord’s Prayer into our devotions at home.

He also invited us to participate in (if you are able) a special project: You are invited to

(a) get a recording device, even your phone,

(b) record yourself saying the prayer as you listen to the pacing provided by Pastor Ruttan in this YouTube video, and

(c) send the audio file to him at matthew [at] westminsterpc [dot] ca.

As entries come in, he will layer them together so that when we pray The Lord’s Prayer during the Sunday morning live-stream, we will hear each other’s voices!

Here is the direct link to the video:


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