Becoming a Westminster Member

Here are some helpful ways to think about it:

1. Membership means standing up in public worship and confirming
(a) your faith in Jesus Christ and
(b) your loyalty to the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed

Many of us were baptised as babies. (If you weren’t, becoming a member of a church as an adult is when you would normally be baptized. If this applies to you, speak with Pastor Ruttan about this meaningful experience.) The Bible calls the church “the body of Christ.” So when we affirm our Christian faith we are affirming our place in that body—a body whose head (ruler and decision-maker) is Jesus Christ.

Further, the Christian faith and its basic tenants can be manipulated over time. So to guard against this and to ensure we’re following the same faith as those early apostles and teachers, when we become members we are confirming our loyalty to the Christian faith as expressed in a faith statement called The Apostles’ Creed (listed below). It is one of the most widely accepted statements of the Christian faith around the world regardless of denomination.

Membership is like saying ‘You can count on me’ as a part of this church

Christians don’t “have it all together.” They have it all, together. The church is a community that everyone contributes to in a meaningful way.

More specifically, membership means “you can count on me” to:

• Place my trust/belief in Jesus Christ
• Attend worship frequently
• Have a caring spirit toward others
• Contribute to building up the church through finances, prayer and service
• Participate in “Sacraments”—The Lord’s Supper and Baptism
• Try to grow as a Christian
• Give the minister respect and encouragement
• Recognize the authority of the elders
• Promote the peace and prosperity of the congregation
• Engage in Jesus’ ministry of love to a hurting world

As you can see, church membership is a partnership where “You can count on me.”

Here is the full Booklet – have a read through.  If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask Kim Sanderson at 705-835-2845 or

DOWNLOAD The Meaning of Membership HERE


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