Time & Talents Survey


Rev. Matthew has encouraged us to come together and help each other as a family of Christians.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate faith in this Christian community.  What can you do? Prayerfully consider these options;

1. Help fund Matthew’s Inter-Mission leave. During the next two weeks we are looking to raise $3,000 to cover the leave costs so that the 2019 budget is not affected by the leave.

2. As we develop changes to Matthew’s role and embrace our larger Christian family …. nearly 400 of us … we all need to ask ourselves what time and talents we have to offer. What does Jesus want us to do? Many are already offering their talents and we are grateful! If you aren’t please ask yourself this question. “Can I offer time and talents today?” To help you think about this please follow this link to an online survey OR pick one up at the office Tue – Fri,  9am – 12pm and leave in the box in the sanctuary so we can contact you about your preferences.


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