Aug 2016

Every home has rules. Even the homes without rules have rules. (‘No rules’ is a rule!) Some are spoken, like ‘Put the toilet seat down.’ And some are unspoken, like ‘Don’t talk to dad until he’s had his first coffee.’ I realize it’s not popular to talk about rules. But what I’ve noticed is that people don’t seem to like rules until someone breaks one of the ones they......

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A Prayer for Justin Trudeau

Lord, you know what it’s like to lead. The rest of us can only imagine the cacophony of personalities and competing priorities, the stress and solitude, the temptations and trials. But also the opportunity....

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Westminster’s Mission & Vision

On April 10th during the service I shared Westminster’s new mission and vision statements with the congregation. This blog highlights a few of the things I said. Direction determines destination. This means that the direction you travel...

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